Rubedo is a distributed energy company providing direct, onsite electricity, clean waste disposal and useful co-products to customers from mobile and fixed fast pyrolysis systems . Rubedo’s mobile fast pyrolysis systems can travel to the customer, often co-located with a fuel source, or "feedstock," such as wood waste at a sawmill, bio-solids at a waste treatment plant, MSW at a landfill or transfer station,  or medical waste at a hospital. Mobile units can remain onsite for days, weeks or months at a time and scale up serially to meet increased energy demands until such time as a larger fixed installation becomes viable. The systems are modular, have a small footprint and are ideal for net metering.  They also conform to all local or federal EPA emission standards.

The value of Rubedo’s mobile strategy is highlighted by its ability to provide true base load to legacy solar and wind infrastructure, neither of which have achieved base load and up-time expectations. Rubedo can drive mobile systems to existing solar and wind farms, providing more than 90% up time supplemental electricity and flowing it into the same grid interface point. This has the potential to quickly and significantly improve site Base Load. Rubedo also comes with its own optional micro-grid and can deliver power directly to customer end points as needed.

Rubedo’s process reduces waste volume up to 90%, can produce liquid and gaseous fuels and agricultural products such as bio-char.

Rubedo is an owner/operator. It develops its own projects or can provide capability to a project developed by others. Either way, it first defines the project, then, if necessary, arranges the financing, obtains permits, selects and deploys the applicable technology, organizes the availability and processing of the feedstock and manages all systems operations. Rubedo provides a turn-key solution for the customer.



George Goldsmith - Founder and CEO

  • 30+ years experience in security, national security, energy and international government relations.
  • 15+ years evaluating, testing, designing and marketing pyrolysis systems, advocating their use in both the government and private sectors
  • 15+ years promoting pyrolysis as the world’s most versatile, scalable, cost-effective and efficient way to fight global warming and gain energy independence
  • In 2012, Goldsmith began an association with Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), a major defense contractor, to help further develop and prepare their industry leading prototype mobile fast pyrolysis system for commercial markets. Through Rubedo, Goldsmith is now pushing the envelope of thermo-chemical conversion products to offer liquid transportation fuels, environmentally friendly alternative chemicals and ultra-low emission power on a commercial scale

Rick Goldsmith - COO

  • A seasoned executive with a strong mix of financial, engineering, facilities and operational experience. Has a track record of delivering many large scale projects under budget and with excellent performance.
  • Senior Information Manager, Parsons and Brinckerhoff
  • Head of Facilities for Reuters, Americas
  • Previous international banking experience and private sector experience as COO of national printing concern

Dirk Speas - SVP Marketing and Sales

  • Speas teamed with Rubedo because he understands the domestic and international need for and market appeal of fast pyrolysis.
  • Started 10+ years with PBX division of ROLM (IBM/Siemens) growing the group from $75 million to $750 million in sales.
  • Over the next ten years as Vice President of Sales, Product Development and Manufacturing he helped grow Aspect Telecommunications from $12 million to $500 million.
  • He later worked for Cisco, then returned to Aspect Telecommunications.
  • Last five years has been an independent consultant for various startups, including Advanced Water Technologies.
  • MBA, MS (Operations Research) and BS (Industrial Engineering) from Stanford University, where he was Phi Beta Kappa

Jacques J. Tohme - Corporate Development Advisor

  • 12 years experience with domestic and international energy investing and financing
  • Currently Founder and Managing Partner of two energy ventures in Central Europe
  • Startup and venture capital experience with Quest Growth Partners LLC, raising series A funding for startups in New York, as well as exits (Dotmenu to GrubHub in 2011)
  • Previously led successful investments for a NY Hedge Fund into energy privatizations in Central Europe
  • Advised on solar energy financings in Central Europe

Rich Young - Vice President of Business Development

Rich Young has a twenty year background in renewable and sustainable technology business development.  From sales and distribution for China's largest solar manufacturers to raising money for cutting edge internal combustion engines to working on patents with creators of novel wind-power turbines, Rich has worked with Solar Age, Sun Power, the SEMPRA group, Socal Gas, NFT (Germany) 3 Rivers (Canada), Vidali Associates (Mexico) and the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration, among many others.  Rich is a former United States Marine and Vietnam veteran.

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